# In Progress /// Where am I going ?

Having talked for a while by skype today with my best friend, things appears much clearer to me now. The project is going to change radically and I am taking advantage of the blog here to try to write down my thoughts…

Things already changed a bit when I decided to adopt a cave/tunnel vocabulary to the interface between the 200 yards tunnel between Area A and Area C and the project itself. The result is what can be seen above…a sort of cave (linked to the tunnel) hosting the functions of shelter, sheepfold and agricultural storage (plan to come).

A remark done by my friend was that those posts were really harmful to the legibility of the project (and obviously not in the good camouflage meaning of it) so I should go back to set of bigger tents which needs less posts.

But the changes are going to be more radical as the space should really reflect the tool it has been operated with (I guess it relates back to Aristotle/Deleuze’s notion of Hylomorphism, doesn’t it Jason ?), so the project might use a double language of cave and quarries as seen below (photographs by Edward Burtynsky).

There is also something that I want to work on which is a kind of beauty of a bad crafting…What I mean by that is that there is an urgency involved in this project which forbids the ability to make perfect and beautiful finishes, so the ugliness and imprecision of the result should be enhanced and considered as an opportunity rather than a disappointment. In the cave, for example I am going to consider the surface carved by workers as a given and locally set instructions for locally projecting concrete in order to make a trough or a table (for example) possible. The confusion between concrete and earth (but also probably bad reinforcement wood and electrical sheathing) should bring an interesting and poetical aesthetics I believe…

I understand that it remains only something like one week or so to bring some dramatic changes in the design before starting to really engage the production of representative documents but I think that I can make it…


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