# REFERENCE /// Cyclonopedia by Reza Negarestani

About Holey Spaces…

In ()hole complex, on a superficial level (bound to surface dynamics), every activity of the solid appears as a tactic to conceal the void and appropriate it, as a program for inhibiting the void, accommodating the void by sucking it in to the economy of surfaces or filling it.” P48

Once nemat-space begins its infestation, the periphery on the zone of excitations does not necessarily start from visible surfaces on the crust: Active surfaces emerge from everywhere, from the surface-crust mode of periphery to innermost recesses. The ()hole complex carves ultra-active surfaces from solidus when it digs holes, unleashes delirious itinerant lines and constructs its nematical machines, installing peripheral agitations on the surfaces it cuts from internal solid matrices. Everywhere a hole moves, a surface is invented. When the despotic necrocratic regime of periphery-core, for which everything should be concluded and grounded by the gravity of the core, is deteriorated.[…] Scorpions are burrowers, not architects: They do not build upon the compositions of solid and void, they devour volumes and snatch spaces; for them the holey space is not merely a dwelling place, a place to reside (a niche for occupation). More than that, it is the Abode of War (dar al-harb), the holey space of unselective hunting.” P50

Disturb and irritate, dilate and contract the repressed cavities of the Earth: Tunnels and tubes, burrows and lairs acrid bungholes and perforated spaces, its fanged vaginas slits and the schizoid skin. Unclog and squeeze the earth; exhume its surfaces; make an earth whose conundrums cannot be solved by recourse to their origins or causes.” P51

Mehrdad Iravanian, the Iranian architect once suggested, ‘In order to study architecture, one must first investigate necrocracy.’ But we should go further: one must practice the art of exhumation too.” P51

Rats are exhuming machines. Not only full fledged vectors of epidemic, but also ferociously dynamic lives of ungrounding. […] A surface-consuming plague is a pack of rats whose tails are the most dangerous seismic equipment; tails are spatial synthesizers (fiber-machines), exposing the terrain which they traverse to sudden and violent folding and unfolding, while seizing patches of ground and composing them as a non human music. Tails are musical instruments, playing metal -tails, lasher tanks in motion. Although tails have a significant locomotive role, they also act as boosters of agility or anchors of infection.” P52

…………And as an appendix because it is really too good:

A self-degenerating entity, a volunteer for its own damnation, dust opens new modes of dispersion and of becoming-contagious, inventing escape routes as yet unrecorded. In his interview, Parsani suggests that the Middle East has simulated the mechanisms of dusting to mesh together an economy which operates through positive degenerating processes, an economy whose carriers must be extremely nomadic, yet must also bear an ambivalent tendency towards the established system or the ground. An economy whose vehicle and systems never cease to degenerate themselves. For in this way, they ensure their permanent molecular dynamism, their contagious distribution and diffusion over their entire economy.” P91

Thus, hostile urbanists or militias always conduct the battle towards the inside, or the domain of obstacles, the urban canyon. When it comes to urbanized war, every combatant must think like an obstacle –‘See everything from the perspective of an obstacle’. West then uses Parkour as the exemplary discipline in which the practitioner becomes as one with the obstacle during movement. Every soldier should be a traceur, a swerving projectile which has a deep sympathy with its physical obstacle.” P135

In urban warfare, bullets are -in an entirely non-metaphorical sense- the new population of cities, and cities are urbanized by the motions, trajectories, heat and noise of bullets as well as by their surface chemistry. Bullets are perfect citizens; coalition forces in Iraq call them ‘Shiny’ or ‘Star Citizens’. West suggests the radicality of this new citizenship is hammered home perfectly when American troops take out the original citizens and populate the urban space with bullets. Bullets’ trajectories and irreproachable swarming –which is in full empathy with the urban terrain and contours- re-engineers the city, turning it into a sponge or pumice stone with a perforated swarm-ridden liminality, a ( ) hole complex in progress. If heat is, in current megalopolises, an indicator and an existential proof of the advancement of civilization, then the heat produced by bullets in an urban terrain surpasses all current measures of civilization density, modernization, population, speed and complexity. Bullets can terminally modernize an entire city in one night.” P137

An undead political machine, a middle-eastern system reveals its true lineaments in its decay. The utilization of power in a decaying system is a necrophilia experience.” P183

Decay builds without creation.” P185

If, in middle-eastern tradition, gods deliberately allow themselves to be killed left and right by enemies, humans, or themselves without any prudence as to their future and eventual extinction, it is because they find more significance and benefit in their own corpes –as a concrete object of communication and tangibility among humans- than in the abstractness of their divinity. At last, as corpes, they can copulate and contaminate.” P205

NAPALM will flow no matter how viscous you make it. As soon as it ignites, it sticks to objects, blurring them, pervading them, but never allowing them to evaporate or reduce to ashes, it keeps them in another form, burn by remixing new flammable fluid substances as it crawls on different object (organic materials in particular); as it spreads, its original form of emulsion (filamentary gels or stringy networks through gasoline) becomes stronger and consequently it becomes more dispersive. It is the only incendiary substance that thickens as it flows. NAPALM is not extinguished by water; it just flows more smoothly, facilated by the flow of water. Love is incomplete burning.” P38

Negarestani Reza. CYCLONOPEDIA. Complicity with anonymous materials. Melbourne: Re-Press 2008


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