# IN PROGRESS /// Monday 20th September


2 thoughts on “# IN PROGRESS /// Monday 20th September

  1. i think one of the things that is becoming extremely interesting here is the possible distinction between the hospitable layers and the defensive layers of the proposal. to think for a moment about the defensive layer – in addition to the vehicle-proof groundscape (thinking of the ground from the point of view of one on the ground) it could be interesting to think also of the ground from the point of view of the sky – thinking about satellite image analysis and military intelligence for example. there are moves toward this already in terms of the camouflage/bedouin-tent parts of the design but i also wonder if the vegetation plays in here. so it’s a question of the organization of the vegetation for agriculture/opportunities-in-tent-geometry versus vegetation based on natural growth patterns. is agriculture meant to be protective in a sense (by virtue of the “innocence” of it) or can it be a way in which military analysts combing over satellite imagery would “misread” the landscape formation as simply being naturally existent or uncultivated . . . also, is the satellite view and additional rendering technique to balance the point-of-view perspectives you already have from ground level . . .

  2. Thank you Jason for your comment. I like these written exchanges that complete well the oral critic.
    The “sky’s point of view” is definitely an aspect of the project and you are right, vegetation might intervene at some point. However, I might be wrong but I feel that it is the easy part of it because it is essentially visual. What really stresses me out right now is more related to the inhabitable aspect of the project and the credibility of the project towards an extreme situation.
    Hopefully something interesting will come out of this stress (!)

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